Wednesday, January 21, 2009

systemimager-light: opening a new branch?

I wonder if it's worth to open a new SystemImager branch without shipping the standard BOEL kernel anymore. Providing the packages for all the supported architectures requires a *huge* amount of time and it's not possible for me to build everything... :( (also because I don't have all the required architectures). So, probably the best way to proceed is to just remove BOEL and set UYOK the default. UYOK allows to create a boot&install package (kernel+initrd.img) for SystemImager using the kernel shipped in any distribution (preferably the kernel shipped with the distribution we want to install) and an initrd_template (shipped with the SystemImager packages). And with the UYOK-only version the time to build the packages is 10 times faster!

I've just opened the new branch locally in my PC using a git repository and pushed the initial release to (to get it: git-clone git://, but the server is down again! :( grrr.... it seems we need a newer and more powerful server...

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Bigbrovar said...

Its good to see that someone out there still has plans for systemimager. its an awesome software and i use it in the school were i work as sysadmin to install all our computers (70 work stations and 70 laptops) all running ubuntu. of recent the project seem dead :-( the irc hardly respond to post, the project website and wiki are dead and its been the last stable release is almost 2 years back. please keep up the good work